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Glasses: Expectations vs. Reality

We all know that feeling of immense anticipation for something before we get it in our hands or experience it, then once you have it, that feeling goes away.

It happens in just about every aspect of life. We cannot distill all of the expectations vs reality but we can eliminate some of them when it comes to your sunglasses or eye glasses. The best way I thought to break this down was by each part of the product, identifying the frame, lens, template and lastly, materials which will we highlighted in various blog posts. 

Below are the first three expectation vs reality questions/answers for your lenses.  

Lenses: Why do my glasses keep getting dirty?

Expectation: My glasses shouldn't get dirty so fast because.... (feel free to fill in the blank)

Reality: Truth is - your glasses are on your face for an average of 6-10 hours per day. With that amount of wear, it's easy for dust, dirty, etc. to easily get on your lenses from the air alone. The best way to ensure your glasses do not get dirty as often are: 

  1. If possible, don't touch your lenses with your hands. Use the microfiber cleaning cloth or case your glasses came with to clean or touch your lenses. 
  2. Remove your glasses when playing sports and put on sports glasses, made for impact and durability. 
  3. Clean your glasses with eyeglass cleansing spray and microfiber cloth. 
  4. Do not use a towel or other material that can potentially scratch your lenses or frames. 

Lenses: Why do my glasses hurt my eyes?

Expectation: Do I need to see my doctor - I do not understand why my eyes hurt.

Reality: There are several reasons why your glasses may hurt your eyes. If you have not gone to the doctor to have your eyes checked, that's a good place to start. Another reason could be your glasses do not fit properly which, then, you will need to have the pair you own adjusted or look to purchase a new pair if your prescription is outdated. 

Your prescription may be incorrect, go (or go back to) the doctor to recheck your eyes.

Lenses: Why did my lens scratch so easily? 

Expectation: I put anti-scratch coating on my lenses, why are they scratching? 

Reality: Lenses are made primarily from two types of materials, plastic and glass. When your optician have an anti-scratch coating put on your lens that is a cover that should last a majority of your prescription, or at least until you go back to visit your optician. There are instances wear you live in an area where the weather is extreme (i.e. high heat or low cold) in these circumstances, the weather plays a role in that coating not lasting as long which would make your lenses acceptable to scratching easier. 

If you do not have an anti-scratch on your lens, most glasses because of the material used to make high quality lenses are resistant to normal wear and tear. In some circumstances, if your glasses fall on a hard surface or hit sharp edges, they can easily be scratched.