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Making New Year resolutions

Hi, my name is Jamal Robinson and I am the founder of DESIAR. 

Starting 2019, I decided to write a weekly blog to share the ins and outs of developing the DESIAR brand along with self-development, entrepreneurship, leadership and hat tips to other brands doing cool things.  

One thought that was on my mind, especially since it's New Year's day is the purpose of a resolution. This is the perfect time for most people, around the world to reset and take a moment to see if they like how things are going or would like to change them. I personally believe this is great opportunity but I've also read that some people think it only sets a lot of people up for failure as "statistics" say most people do not follow through on their resolutions. 

I can say that there are some resolutions that I have not stuck with and others, I have. I also, do not wait until the end/beginning of the year to revise or adjust my plans. 

Resolutions are like plans or maps. Just like going on most trips, you need a map to point you in the right direction. Sometimes, during that trip, you need to take a detour and adjust, that is the way I see resolutions. Who cares what has happened in the past and if you have or did not accomplish your resolution. I am under the firm belief that today, is always the best day to start, stop or keep going. 

That's exactly what it has been like building the DESIAR brand and company. A lot of starts, stops and times that I've just kept going but thankfully with the support of the DESIAR family, I'm still moving forward. 

That is what I would share with you, keep moving forward, set your plans for 2019 and if need be, do not mind course correcting a long the way.

Until next time - onwards.