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What glasses should I wear?

Selecting glasses can be a challenging thing to do because we all have our own personal preferences. With that, we’ve made the below chart along with additional explanations to help in the process of selecting which DESIAR frames you’d like to purchase and that we would recommend.

We all have a unique face shape. This is something that should be celebrated because we are all unique. With our uniqueness, we’ve outlined 6 face shapes in our graph. With the graph choose the face shape the is closes to your own face shape. It may or may not be perfect but hopefully this provides some insight into a different way of purchasing your glasses, along with our recommendation.

For oval and round face shapes, we recommend a frame with sharp lines to help highlight your face. Typically, oval face structures can wear a square and rectangular frame. We’d recommend staying away from full circle frames, as they will not show the accents and highlight your facial features. Our recommendation for DESIAR frames would be the Mach 3 or Colosseum glasses.

Oval: A wider face with cheekbones and a slightly narrow forehead and jaw.

Round: A softer angled face and slightly wider cheekbones, equally wide forehead.

Long, square and heart face shapes, we recommend a frame with soft lines to help accent the facial structure and lines. Typically, long, square and heart face shapes can wear round, or oval frame shapes which are very complimentary. Our recommendation for DESIAR frames would be the Oliver and Colosseum glasses.

Long: A Long face has an elongated structure with angular lines and cheekbones, forehead and jaw.

Square: A square face has more angular lines and equally wide cheekbones, forehead and jaw.

Heart: A heart face is the widest at the forehead and slightly goes down through the jawline.

For diamond face shape, we recommend a frame of your choosing. Reason being, a diamond face has the features of both a rounded yet square face. Typically, diamond face shapes can wear a variety of frames so long as they have a personal preference in mind. Our recommendation for DESIAR frames would be Oliver, Colosseum, or Mach 3 glasses.

Diamond: A diamond face has angular and round features with defined cheekbones.I hope this was helpful with making your selection of DESIAR glasses. Feel free to let me know your comments, thoughts and purchases via email, Jamal@desiar.com.