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DNo two frames are alike and each has its own story, just like the partners we entrust to produce DESIAR products in America. 

Each step leveraging the craftsmanship and technology.

From raw materials to finish goods, there are over 70 steps to make each frame.

Precision lenses, digital cut for each frame.

Manufacturing Partner: WOODNSTEEL

OWNER: Dustin Case

Woodnsteel is a gathering of knowledge in the areas of woodworking, metal working, and crafting leather. We believe that with these three materials, tools and wares can be created to last a lifetime. All of our products are handcrafted in our Indiana shop one at a time. We strive to give each item our utmost full attention; making sure that it serves you well for years and years to come. - D.C.

J"I envisioned manufacturing our own product in 2013. Through many false starts, lessons learned and opportunities, all of the pieces eventually came together after teaming up with Dustin. I knew there had to be a way, and thankfully, there was." - Jamal Robinson, Founder - DESIAR