Our Story




DESIAR (Des-E-Air) was founded by Jamal Robinson while attending The University Of Central Florida. DESIAR has stood for unique design and the exploration of innovative materials. In 2008, Jamal and a group of friends began wearing the custom designed sunglasses with Swarovski Crystals. 

Jamal Robinson - Founder, DESIAR Eyewear (sunglasses)

Why Swarovski Crystals? Jamal had seen a video of an entertainer wearing diamond sunglasses and decided he could make a pair using Swarovski Crystals, that's how this story begins.

In the beginning, Jamal would take his custom sunglasses to concerts across the country - sneaking backstage and establishing relationships with entertainers or getting kicked out by security. Either way - he was persistent. Those relationships helped forge DESIAR into the entertainment field where Robinson would continue to refine his design craft for 3 years before choosing to branch out and create his own line of eyewear.

Jamal Robinson with Soulja Boy wearing DESIAR Eyewear (sunglasses) c.2008

In 2012, DESIAR released it's first collection into the market at The Randolph Street Market in Chicago, IL. The first collection designed by Jamal featured natural wood temples and a combination of acetate frame sunglasses. The collection featured three core styles, a classic wayfarer, flattop and Aviator.

Randolph Street Marketing. Chicago, IL. DESIAR Eyewear (sunglasses).

DESIAR has continued to remain a favorite for eyewear enthusiast that desire daring designs mixed with Jamal's flair for creative design detail. The evolution of DESIAR is one that embraces unknown possibilities.

The next chapter begins Holiday 2018, Welcome to the family.